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Who Cashes Handwritten Checks?

Handwritten checks are still a popular way to transfer money, especially for individuals who are not familiar with online banking or mobile payments. However, if you have a handwritten check, you may wonder who will cash it.

Firstly, it is essential to understand that the legality of a handwritten check is the same as a printed or typed check. As long as it meets the same requirements of a check, it can be cashed. This means that it should include the payer's name, the recipient's name, the payment amount, and the date. Additionally, it should have a signature from the payer to make it valid.

Who Will Cash A Handwritten Check?

There are several options available to cash a handwritten check:

1. Bank

The easiest and most reliable option to cash a handwritten check is your bank. If you have an account with the bank, they will usually cash the check for free. However, if you do not have a bank account, you may have to pay a small fee to cash the check. Additionally, many banks have specific policies and procedures for cashing handwritten checks, so you should check with your bank before visiting.

2. Credit Union

If you are a member of a credit union, you can also cash a handwritten check there. Credit unions function similarly to banks, and they offer many of the same services. However, credit unions are often more community-oriented and have lower fees than banks. Like banks, credit unions have specific procedures for cashing handwritten checks, so be sure to check with them beforehand.

3. Check Cashing Store

If you do not have a bank account or are not a member of a credit union, you can still cash your handwritten check at a check-cashing store. Check-cashing stores are private businesses that specialize in cashing checks. They usually charge a fee for their services, which can range from 1% to 10% of the check amount.

4. Grocery Store

Many grocery stores offer check-cashing services. Some grocery stores have partnerships with banks or check-cashing stores, while others have their personnel to cash checks. Generally, grocery stores charge a small fee for cashing handwritten checks. It is important to note that not all grocery stores offer check-cashing services, so check with your local store before visiting.

5. Money Orders

If you do not have access to a bank or check-cashing store, you may want to consider converting your handwritten check into a money order. Money orders are pre-printed checks that you can purchase from a bank, post office, or convenience store. You can use the money order to pay bills or make purchases, and they are usually accepted by most businesses.

The Bottom Line

Handwritten checks are still common, and you have several options available to cash them. It is important to choose a reputable establishment when cashing a handwritten check to avoid any scams or fraud. As always, double-check the fees associated with each option and verify the legitimacy of the establishment before completing any transactions.

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